The Gumbos are Home!!

After a relatively leisurely 5 hour trip (if you don’t count the CRAZY traffic around Portland, OR), the Gumbos arrived back at their summer home in Poulsbo, exactly 137 days after they left.

During that time Duwayne, Darla Jean and Princess traveled through 5 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona) and 1 foreign country (Mexico). They stayed at 32 different campsites – only 9 of which had a fee (and of those 9, only 2 cost more than $20/night). If Duwayne had remembered to check the odometer before leaving, he’d be able to tell you how many miles they traveled but it HAD to have been over 3000 miles.

Highlights of the trip were:

Spending Thanksgiving with the Brownings in Sacramento, visiting with the Zittels in Joshua Tree, boondocking in the Quartzsite area, camping along the Salton Sea, spending a month in San Carlos, Mexico, spending a week attending Spring Training with our grandson in the Phoenix area and camping in some some beautiful campsites with the Duncans on our way home.

You may notice in the photo above how well Gumbo is positioned in the Poulsbo driveway. Duwayne and Darla Jean thought that, after their relatively easy positioning of the 5th wheel the last time they returned from a trip, and after 4 months of maneuvering the rig, that this time would be a cinch. WRONG!!

For some reason, Duwayne couldn’t manage to properly back the rig into position. It didn’t help that the batteries in our walkie talkies died (which meant that there was plenty of Darla Jean arm-waving and yelling to make Duwayne understand how bad he was screwing up. At one point, he managed to get the truck and 5th wheel into a spot where he couldn’t move forward or backward! Somehow, after about an hour of screwing around, the rig was parked.

After a few gin and tonics, Duwayne walked around the driveway and tried to figure out what went wrong and how he could prevent this from happening again. What he finally realized was that the woodshed on one side of the driveway was preventing the truck from pulling forward far enough to change angles when backing. Since the Gumbos don’t plan on being in Poulsbo during the cold winter months (meaning there isn’t a HUGE demand for firewood), he decided to tear down the shed! What he didn’t remember was how WELL he had originally built this thing!

The shed was originally just to the right of the debris pile.

Next on the agenda is a trip to the dump and to the gravel dealer to get a yard of 3/4 minus gravel to finish grading the area where the shed previously existed. This should allow a MUCH bigger turning radius for future back-ins. Duwayne will let you know how this works out.

This brings to a close this season’s blog. There may be a few postings during the summer as the Gumbos take some short trips to nearby coastal campsites, but the constantly updated blog will start again late this November.

Thanks for viewing!!

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