Boondocking at Q

When reading up on the RV lifestyle, Darla Jean and Duwayne kept hearing about the big yearly gathering in around Quartzsite, Arizona. This event occurs every year in mid- to late January. THOUSANDS of RVers converge on this little town located halfway between Los Angeles and Phoenix (in 2005, 2.5 MILLION RVs were counted in the area!). A big RV show is held in town, where vendors sell everything from new and used RVs to Ginzu knives and toilet plungers. Its also a chance to meet other RVers with many groups gathering on the BLM land located to the South, North and West of Quartzsite.

So, the Gumbos put it on their calendar thinking that, though they’re not of the “big group” persuasion, it still might be fun to witness this event just once. Thus, after leaving the Joshua Tree area, they headed straight for Quartzsite and ended up camping at a free BLM site called “Dome Rock Road”.

Our campsite at Dome Rock.

Surprisingly enough, Dome Rock Road is named after a geological occurence called “Dome Rock”!

Just to the right of our rig is Dome Rock.

Duwayne chose a particularly beautiful morning to take a hike 3/4 of the way to the top of Dome Rock to get some photos of the surrounding area.

Gumbo viewed from Dome Rock.

The Gumbos spent about 4 days at Dome Rock – during which time they got to see a lot of beautiful sunsets and witness the end of the Seahawks season.

Aside from the fact that there were a lot of ATV-ers around, who stirred up quite a bit of dust, this was a beautiful site and a great introduction to the Arizona desert.

More about Quartzsite to come!

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One Response to Boondocking at Q

  1. prichie says:

    Enjoy Quartzsite! My sister put me on to your blog so watching your travels. We are currently at Q boon docking waiting for the big event too.


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